The Best Canoe Fishing Modifications

When you buy a canoe for your fishing adventures, it may not always come with the features you want. Not to worry, though, because there are ways you can add certain modifications so that your personalized features are there when you’re done. You could always buy a more expensive canoe that already has numerous convenient features, but if you add them yourself, you’re guaranteed to get just what you want every time. For suggestions on some of the best canoe fishing modifications or mods, keep on reading.

1. Airbags

Airbags in canoes? Believe it or not, yes! They provide extra floatation and an added level of comfort if you take on a bit too much water or overturn the boat. If you’re in choppy water they could be a lifesaver. The first thing to keep in mind is to use bigger airbags when you are the only one using the canoe and smaller ones if others usually join you. This is because with bigger airbags comes smaller space in the canoe, and when there’s more than one person in the canoe, you don’t want it to get too crowded. Most people place the airbags in the stern and bow of the canoe, then rope them against the lacing and finally, take a D-strap and tie them at the bottom of the boat.

2. Knee Pads

If you’re going to be kneeling a lot in your canoe, pads at the bottom of the boat can help keep you more comfortable. Several companies make canoe pads, and they are available in several different sizes and designs. They can also help you get more comfortable if you decide to sit down, and if you kneel as you paddle, these pads can help stabilize your paddling so the process is more efficient. This is a very practical accessory that any canoeing enthusiast will appreciate.

3. Comfortable Seats

It’s very likely that your canoe came with some type of seat, but the seat is not always that comfortable, especially if you go canoeing for long periods of time. Adding a more comfortable seat with a chair back is a great solution to this problem, or you can simply add a boat cushion to the existing seat so it’s a little more comfortable. Either way, your sitting arrangement will be much more comfortable in the end. If you spend a lot of time canoeing, you need comfortable seats, so it’s good to know the seats are easy to find and easy to install.

4. A More Comfortable Yoke

The yoke of the canoe is the cross beam that is placed in the very center of the boat. It usually sits on your shoulder as you’re carrying the canoe from one point to another, so it should be comfortable. If your yoke isn’t comfortable enough for you, there are ways to find and install a newer, more comfortable yoke. You can also purchase portage pads, sometimes called shoulder pads, to add to the yoke so that it’s softer and a lot more comfortable against your shoulder. This is something you’ll consider very important when you have a long walk to your destination.

5. Rod Holders

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6. Bait Wells / Aerators

These small insulated coolers have aeration systems that allow your bait to stay fresh for a long time, usually for days. If you’re using live bait, these coolers are a must. They come in different sizes and are not that expensive, but once you consider their many benefits, you’ll immediately wonder how you ever lived without them. The aerators are the main component of these coolers, and if you love using live bait, this is the next item you should purchase for your boat.

7. Catch Bags

Also called fish bags or kill bags, these are bags used to keep your catch in and are perfect for kayak anglers. The bags are usually mildew-resistant and offer protection from UV rays, and their soft design means you can place them in boats of various sizes. These are usually insulated bags that are lightweight but built tough, and they can keep both ice and fish cold for days at a time. For all types of fishing, you need one of these bags in your canoe.

8. Gear Tracks or Rails

The main purpose of these items is to make other equipment easier to mount and keep safe. The good news about gear tracks is that they can be installed anywhere on the hull and can accommodate nearly all types of equipment. Even better, many of today’s kayaks come equipped with long, flat surfaces found on either side of the hull and cockpit, which are perfect for mounting gear tracks regardless of your boat’s brand. With gear tracks, you can store fish finders, paddle holders, camera mounts, rod holders, and so much more.

9. Camera Mounts

It’s normal to want to take pictures of your catch, so installing a camera mount on your boat helps you do just that. Track mounts or suction-cup mounts can accommodate the camera mount, but if you choose the latter, make sure you attach a string or leash to your camera or GoPro so that it doesn’t accidentally fall in the water. Camera mounts make it so much easier to catch crisp, clear pictures because you can maneuver your camera much easier than you could without the mounts.

10. Outriggers

Remaining steady as you fish from your boat, especially if you’re standing up, is a must, and outriggers can help you do that every time. Outriggers can have solid bodies or be inflatable, and they can help in a lot of different situations, including lots of wind or waves, or when you’re trying to reel in a huge catch. They add buoyancy and stability when using a trolling motor, and the inflatable ones are particularly easy to transport and maneuver thanks to the fact that you can deflate them whenever necessary.